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LIFTED: Seeks to create real life stories of transformation. The focus is to reform and rehabilitate victims of social neglect into a people of substance and value.


  • To reform victims of social neglect.
  • To empower the displaced in the society with skills for economic independence.

The scope of this cyclic process includes:

RETRIEVAL: under the retrieval, the target is to take people off the streets, brothels, slum, shacks and under the bridges into a much comfortable accommodation.

REFORM/RENEWAL: the aim is to provide re-orientation programmes for the individuals reyrieval in order to reposition them for greater value to themselves and to the society a large. It is true that breaking through the rank of poverty is only possible with a positive mindset that identifies opportunities as well as having the right motivation to achieve greatness.

EMPOWERMENT: skill, vocations and otherwise will be taught at this stage to the individuals enrolled to translate them into value creators rather than liabilities to the society. Sufficient training on entrepreneurship, financial management, self development, social interactive health and hygiene will be provided

MENTORING/MONITORING: Trainees enrolled under the empowerment scheme having acquired the requisite skills will be mentored/monitored until they possess the capacity and competence to mentor others.

The principle behind LIFTED is a strong belief in the ability of humans to become heroes from zeroes when given the proper tool and support.




BARNABAS: This presents strategic partnership with other like-visioned charity organizations/religious bodies that are in dire need to carry out the objects of their creation. As help to helper, Barnabas renders administrative, managerial technical and financial assistance to religious and/or charity organizations with the same goals and objectives ensuring that the purpose of their creation is not defeated.


  • To establish partnership with charity organizations in executing projects of common interest.
  • To render administrative, managerial, technical and financial support to other charity organization on the verge of winding up or being dissolved due to management/financial issues.

We currently maintain a monthly partnership with other charity organizations;

  • Heritage homes orphanage
  • Light of Hope
  • Perculiar saints Orphanage

CITY INNER MISSIONS: seeks to reach out to these ghetto communities providing basic social amenities to improve the standard of living. Additionally, randomly selected individuals in these areas will be inculcated into the LIFTED programs either to acquire vocational skills or be a recipient of our adult education scheme/sponsorship to commence/further their education.


  • To promptly respond t the helpless populace of the ghetto with love, reformation and hope.

TRUSTED FRIENDS: death is inevitable and its occurrence brings about untold hardship for dependents that rely on the deceased for survival. Likewise, sudden loss of job, fire outbreak/natural disasters also has adverse effects on their victims.


  • To provide support to individuals who are victims of sudden mishaps, by helping them find their feet.


  • Academic Grant: this grant makes available for people with no sponsor to commence and/or further their education due to the death of their sponsors as well as people frustrated with their academics as a result of lack of funds to forge ahead.
  • Accommodation Grant: this caters for people displaced from their houses due to natural disaster, fire outbreaks, and non-payment of accumulated rents.
  • Business Boost: it caters for passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs who desire capital to either start, re-start or expand their businesses.
  • Medical Aids: it caters for people with medical challenges with little or no ability to pay or continue payment of their medical bills.
  • Welfare: this takes care of people who critically need welfare in areas of feeding and well being especially because they are going through a temporarily challenging situation pending when they are able to effectively handle such challenges.

LOVE MAKEOVER passionately undertakes the renovation and rejuvenation of dilapidated homes, schools and health centres amongst the less privileged.


  • To provide basic social amenities to targeted public schools, communities and individuals.
  • To collaborate with other charity organizations to carry out capital intensive infrastructural projects.

FIVE LOAVES  is designed to undertake mass feeding and clothing of victims of natural disaster, floods and fire outbreak.

The aim is to aid communities and individuals with little or no access to food and clothing resulting from the occurrence of natural disaster.


  • To reduce to the barest minimum, incidence of hunger and starvation especially amongst children.
  • To ensure clothing and food are available to victims of natural disaster and man-made hostilities.


Father’s Orphanage as an NGO under TIWI does not own a physical orphanage, but partners with several other notable orphanages, by fully sponsoring adopted children. The children in question will remain in the custody of these orphanages, but Father’s Orphanage will be responsible for their entire welfare. The welfare package includes the children’s education, feeding, medicals, clothing and every other financial responsibility.



  • To render support to orphans who are in dire need
  • To reduce the increasing burden of orphan welfare in orphanage homes.

The Father’s Orphanage passionately sponsors and ensures that God oriented and purpose driven kids will better their immediate environment and the world at large, who are nurtured in an environment of love.

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